uAspire at Madison Park Tech Vocational
Ms. Melissa Joseph

Hi there! I’m so excited to work with you! Please select an appointment type below so that I can better assist you. :)

First Time Meeting

First Time Meeting-

Howdy! If this is the first time we’ll be meeting then please select this option.

(30 minutes)


FAFSA Fill In-

Choose this appointment time if this is your second time meeting with me. Bring your FSA ID login information to this meeting.

Haven’t made your FSA ID yet? Go to the FSA ID website and create one. Your parent will need to make their own FSA ID (if applicable).

If you have questions about what to bring, text me at: 617.917.4019

Other documents/information to bring in order to fill out the FAFSA:
- If parent(s) filed taxes then Parent(s) 2017 income tax forms
- If parent(s) earned wages in 2017 then their W-2
- Parent(s) Social Security number
- If applicable: Month and year parents were married/remarried/separated/divorced/widowed
- Current total amount in your parent/s checking and savings account
- Current total amount in your own checking and savings account
- If you filed taxes then 2017 tax forms
- If you work, or have worked then W-2s from 2017.
- Your own Social Security number

(30 minutes)

CSS Profile

CSS Profile-

Select this type of appointment if you are coming to fill out the CSS Profile. Remember, the CSS Profile is not required by all schools (while the FAFSA is). Schools like BU, BC, Harvard, Northeastern, etc. are a few examples of schools that require the CSS

If you’ve already taken/registered for the SAT, you use the same login to access the CSS Profile.

Here is a link to the CSS Profile

Make sure you bring in W2 & Taxes from 2017 for your parents & you (if you worked in 2017)

(1 hour)

Other type of Appointment

Other type of Appointment-

If the reason we are meeting is to work on something other than FSA ID, FAFSA, CSS Profile or our initial meeting, then select this option. It is always a good idea to bring your FSA ID login with you every time we meet!

(30 minutes)